About Cinc Social Media

Established in 2015 by managing director and principal consultant Kate Wilson, Cinc Social Media is a micro-agency providing big social media, website and design solutions for small businesses, government agencies, industry groups and politicians. 

Cinc specialises in “boring” social media. We love the challenge of engaging an audience and sharing stories from industries and topics that are outside the usual realm of social media influencers. We have extensive experience in managing online conversations about difficult topics and are well-versed in the challenges and rules local governments and their representatives face on social media.

We also love working with small and growing brands as an opportunity to flex our creativity and resourcefulness. We thrive on finding sustainable solutions that provide real world results from the online world. Cinc Social Media aims to be a one-stop shop for our clients’ digital marketing needs and will partner with other organisations and talented freelancers to deliver larger, more complex projects.

Cinc Social Media is based in Brisbane, Queensland but has worked with brands and organisations located between Cairns and Melbourne.


How we work

1.      A straightforward approach to digital marketing
We’ve ditched the jargon and hype of social media to provide you with meaningful advice and solutions.

2.     Creative, resourceful thinking that turns hurdles into wins.

We understand most organisation don’t have money to throw around. That’s why we work to find sustainable solutions that are tailored to work for you.

3.     A focus on real world results from the online world.

Social media likes are nice, but they don’t pay the bills. We focus on getting you real returns for the time and money you invest online.

4.    A one-stop shop for all your digital marketing requirements.

Whether it’s a new website, social media content, advertising campaign or a booklet, billboard or banner our goal is to provide what you need.

5.     Made in Australia… no offshore outsourcing.
We believe in supporting Australian designers and jobs. All projects taken on by Cinc Social Media are completed in Australia, by local talent.

Meet the Boss


Kate Wilson
Founder and Managing Director

A former journalist and media advisor, Kate has spent the past decade specialising in social media – teaching social media techniques, developing content and strategies, managing communities and creating campaigns.

As a former digital communications and social media advisor for the Queensland Government, Kate single-handedly ran the Premier’s social media channels while advising Ministers, backbenchers and staff. After eight years in state politics, Kate has extensive experience in building and maintaining social media communities, media engagement and crisis management.

Kate established Cinc Social Media in 2015 as a micro-agency focused on social media and website design. Since then Kate has worked with a wide array of clients, including small businesses, charities, industry associations and politicians. Kate has also teamed up with other professionals to deliver large-scale social media projects for the Queensland Government and the Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Kate has also spoken at various events about social media trends and has conducted social media training and workshops across Brisbane, teaching people how to effectively use social media to share their story and grow their business. 

Some of the brands Cinc has worked with