The value of hearing you got it all wrong

Today a man explained something and helped me become better at my job. This shouldn’t be something worth writing about, but I was totally struck by how difficult he found offering me his assistance. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to help me - he just seemed very worried about what my response to his suggestion would be.

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Learn How to Get (and Lose) a Job on Social Media

Job seekers and graduates looking for work will learn how to stand out for the right reasons at a new workshop at Little Tokyo Two on March 14. 
Presented by former Google and Facebook recruiter Sian Havard of career consultancy Milkshake Group, and former Newman Government staffer Kate Wilson of Cinc Social Media, The Social Network: How to Get (and Lose) a Job on Social Media will give attendees valuable insight into the latest recruitment techniques, and what recruiters are really looking for in candidates.

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Kate Wilson