Cinc's awesome guide to Canva for Work

It’s no secret that I love Canva. This awesome Australian product has made it easy for people all over the world to create beautiful graphics to use online. But today, Canva just got much cooler. The launch of Canva for Work is about to make life much easier for anyone using social media for work.

If you have never heard of Canva, sit back and get ready to be excited. The idea for Canva came to Melanie Perkins when she was teaching students at the University of Western Australia how to use Photoshop and InDesign. While these programs are the industry standard, Melanie found a lot of people found them hard to learn and even harder to use.  Along with Cliff Obrecht and Cameron Adams, Melanie created  Canva - an online, simple to use design app that is used by more than 4.2 million people around the world. 

Canva claims it takes 23 seconds to learn how to use the app. And it is pretty simple. You start by selecting a design template and then customise the layout, text, backgrounds and other design elements. There are hundreds of fonts, icons and design elements that you can use for free. There are also a million (literally!) images you can incorporate into your design.

Canva comes with a range of templates, including correctly sized templates for the most popular social media sites. This means you can create Twitter headers, Pinterest graphics, or  Facebook ads with ease. You can also create custom sized images for your blog or website. 
Best of all, Canva is basically free to use. There are heaps of free backgrounds and icons and you can upload your own images. You can also purchase stock images to use for the princely sum of $1.

So why fork out $10 a month for Canva for Work? 

Because it’s awesome, that’s why!  Canva for work takes the basic Canva app and throws in a bunch of features to make life easier for people who have to design basic graphics for work. 
The number one reason it’s worth coughing up for Canva for Work is the Magic Resize function. While Canva is awesome for creating social media graphics, in the past you would have to recreate each graphic for each platform. 

How to use Magic Resize

Forget about channelling Alice in Wonderland, you don’t need to drink a magic potion to resize your images with Canva for Work.

Step 1. Create your graphic.  
Step 2. Click on File and then Magic Resize in the dropdown menu. 
Step 3. Select the formats you want to create and then click Abracadabra - Resize! 

You will need to have pop-ups enabled on your browser for this to work. But don’t worry, if they are not, Canva will give you a nudge to make it happen.  The new formats will open in new tabs in your browser so you can easily review the designs, make a few changes if necessary and download the images. 

Hot Tip: You may want to resize some of the elements of your design to make better use of the space you get in different formats.  If you take a vertical Pinterest graphic and abracadabra it into a landscape Twitter graphic, you end up with a lot of empty space on the sides of your design. 


Here's a sneak peek of a special feature in Canva for Work which let's you easily resize your designs. Canva for Work will be rolling out shortly, you can pre-register at so you are the first to hear. Magic Resize will let you easily optimize your designs for every social media network instantly.


Create team templates

Canva is so simple to use that anyone can create beautiful designs. You can make it even easier with Canva's teams. With Canva for Work you can create and share a brand kit and template with everyone on your team. 

To check or edit your brand kit at any time in Canva for Work, go to

Team Members 

You can add as many people as you like to your Canva for Work team. Each new team member will cost the normal Canva for Work fee.  You have the ability to set different levels of access for Team Members. Administrators have full access, while Template Designers can edit your brand kit and create templates. You can also add Members who can create and share designs - but can’t change templates and your brand kit. This is great for people who need to simply update templates and branded designs.

Brand Kit

Your brand kit makes it easy to consistently use the right colours, fonts and logos in your Canva designs. You will be prompted to upload your logo and set your fonts and colours when you first log into Canva for Work. You can add multiple colours and logos, and set a Headline, Subheader and Body Text fonts.

Your brand kit makes it easy to ensure you always use the right font style, but you still have lots of freedom with your designs. Canva doesn’t force you to only use your colours and fonts. You can mix and match with other fonts and colours whenever you want. 


To make it even easier for everyone, you can save and share templates with your team. Once you’re happy with your design, click on the toggle button that says Show Team. You can change the design headline and choose to publish it as a Team Template.

Get Organised

The final feature added with Canva for Work is the ability to get organised. Once you get addicted to creating Canva designs you can end up with a lot of uploaded images.
You can make it easy to find the right image when you want it by creating folders and sorting your images.  It’s as simple as clicking on the New Folder icon, giving your folder a name, and then dragging and dropping images into the folder.  

So is Canva for Work worth it?

At $9.95 a month for an annual subscription, or $12.95 on a month to month basis, Canva is still cheaper than Photoshop which starts from $19.95 a month. While it is limited design compared to what you can do in Photoshop, it is the simplicity and drag and drop features that make Canva so awesome. 
For anyone who regularly produces images for multiple social media platforms, the magic resizer alone is worth the cash. This feature will save you so much time and frustratingly repetitive work. 
But if money is tight and you don’t produce many graphics, you can always stick with the free version of Canva. It’s still amazing… just a little less magical. 

How do I get it?

To sign up for Canva go to You can add your name to the Canva for Work waiting list here

Have you tried Canva? What do you love or hate about it? 


* This post is not sponsored by Canva. It is, however, a love letter to a product that just made my life so much easier.