Five things to do in January

Happy New Year! It’s the season of fresh starts and the perfect time to tackle those things that have been sitting on your mental to do list for too long. While social media is something every business owner knows they should be doing, all too often it’s the first thing that is dropped when things get too busy. 

To help you stay on track this year, here are a few tasks you can do each month to improve your brand.  We're going to kick off the year by getting a good look at where things currently stand... 

1. Give you business an online check up

Start the year with a clear picture of what your brand looks like online. Make sure you look at:

- All your social media accounts - including inactive, abandoned and lost accounts;
- Your website;
- Listings for your business on review sites; 
- A Google search of your business.

2. Set some social media goals for 2016

Once you have a clear idea about what your business looks like online, it’s time to set some goals about what you want to achieve this year. These goals should be closely linked to what you want to achieve in your business in 2016. Remember lots of likes means very little if people aren’t putting money in your pocket.

3. Record your numbers

Stay motivated and keep your business social media on track by recording your numbers and progress. This doesn’t have to be a complex and lengthy process. Each week, you should record and note the changes in: 

- Number of followers
- Number of posts
- Engagement levels
- Advertising spend
- Your best performing post. 

4. Check in on your audience

Take a look at who you are reaching online…

- Does your audience reflect your customers?
- Are you reaching people who will be interested in your products?
- What social media posts do they respond best to? 
- Do you need to make any changes to reach your target audience? 

5. Create a content plan

It’s much easier to ensure your social media is regularly updated if you plan ahead. Creating a content plan will help you to think strategically about your social media updates and stop you from scratching around for a last minute update.