How to get (and lose) a job on social media

In a time where the boundary between our professional and personal lives has become more blurred than ever, what you say or do online can have a profound impact on your job. Scandal-shy employers can understandably hesitate to hire someone who shows a lack of judgement online, while calling for someone who said something off-colour or controversial to be sacked is the default setting of the online mob.

This creates high stakes for employers, and even higher stakes for people looking for a job. We've all heard the advice about cleaning up your social media presence before applying for a job, but do you know exactly what recruiters are looking for? And how do you avoid the pitfalls and use social media to find a job?

In March, Milkshake Group founder Sian Havard and I will be delving into how you can get (and lose) a job using social media in our first workshop together. 

Since we met at QUT, Sian has been busy working as a recruiter hiring people for start-up Unruly, Facebook and Google. She has employed hundreds of individuals and knows exactly what recruiters look for and how to get the attention of big companies. As for me, throughout my eight years in politics I saw a wide variety of ways people can lose their jobs. 

On March 14, Sian and I will pool our experiences together to discuss what you can do to find and get a job on social media. We're planning a fun, interactive discussion that will give you real advice that you can put into action.

Tickets are on sale now, with a limited number of early bird tickets being snapped up fast.

Kate Wilson