Joan Butts Bridge is live

Sometimes the best thing to do is to burn everything to the ground and start again. That's what we did with Joan Butts Bridge website.  And she couldn't be happier with the result!

Joan's old website was a Wordpress Frankenstein complete with a mass of broken links, dodgy old coding and an online shop that simply didn't work. While Joan was paying for web support, too many people adding their two cents, design visions and bits of code left her old website on life support. Every necessary security update raised the possibility that the whole thing would just fall over... and then one day it did. 

The migration to a Squarespace hosted website allowed for us to make a fully responsive, beautiful new website where Joan's students can learn and play bridge, buy books and resources, and even pick up skills to teach other people how to play the game. 



With nearly 50 online lessons available for her students, the Learn section of the website was always going to be an important page. 

To clearly guide students through the process, I designed a card layout for each of the lesson levels. 


Helping to kick off the design process was Joan's amazing logo. Her logo and business card, which is appropriately shaped like a playing card, were designed years ago but still look fresh today.