New Facebook profile swipes from Tinder

Get ready to spend some time curating your Facebook profile, with the social media giant announcing some big changes are on the way... But don't freak out, you may recognise some of these changes from other social media networks.

The headline item is the introduction of short looping videos as profile images. Considering Facebook’s wholehearted embrace of video in recent years, this step isn’t a huge surprise - but is one that hasn’t been taken by any competition yet. Facebook says the "short looping video clip will play for anyone who visits your profile”, which suggests your mobile data won’t be chewed up by Harry Potter-esque moving portraits just yet. 


Coming on the back of wildly successful rainbow Celebrate Pride filter, is a new power to set a temporary version of profile photos that will revert back to the original photo at a specified time. Sure to be popular with sports fans, this feature will allow people to change up their profile picture for an event or moment or show solidarity for a cause. It also tackles the awkward question many Facebook users faced after posting their rainbow profile pic… How long do I have to show solidarity to a cause without being disrespectful? 


Facebook isn’t just focusing on profile photos. It’s new redesign seems to be putting a greater emphasis on your personal profile - an area that is often overlooked by anyone who isn’t facestalking an ex or frenemy. 

Locking down your profile so nothing but the bare minimum is visible has become the norm for many privacy savvy Facebookers, but the new profile will give users much greater control over what other people, who are not their friends, can see in a customisable space at the top of their profile. 

In a nod to Twitter profiles, users will get a new one-line Bio field. They will also be able to decide what about fields, like their work or education appears in this section. Facebook also seems to have swiped right and adopted Tinder’s MO with users able to choose up to five featured profiles to be showcased for any potential suitors, employers or new friends to view. 

This greater emphasis on a profiles is backed up with a change to the layout of the mobile app. The shiny new profile image features will be served up front and centre, rather than in the left hand corner. Facebook also hints that photos of mutual friends will be made more prominent to help you realise how small your city really is. 

The new features are currently being trialled by a small group of iPhone users in California and the UK, but are expected to be rolled out further reasonably soon. In the meantime, expect digital marketers to start dreaming up new plans for profile image campaigns and how to insert brand marketing into a short looping video.