What we can learn from Pauline Hanson... something I never thought I'd say.

Pauline Hanson's back... and while her policies are not my cup of tea, politicians can learn from something from her videos. 

The new Queensland senator has built a strong following from people who feel politicians are not listening to them. One of the ways she is doing this with super authentic, a little rough around the edges videos. 

This example from the Federal Election wash-up is a great example of her style. In the video, Hanson makes a cup of instant coffee (even though you can see a Nespresso machine near the fridge...) and tells the people who voted for her what's going on. 

 Click to watch this video on Hanson's Facebook Page. 

Click to watch this video on Hanson's Facebook Page. 

This video is so effective because Hanson isn't reading a script or even facing the camera directly. The result is you feel like you're in Pauline's kitchen having a chat as she kicks off her busy day. 

It also taps into your curiosity about what Pauline Hanson's house looks like. Without meaning to, you find yourself checking to see if she drinks the same brand of milk as you, and if her dining room table is also the place random things get placed and forgotten. 

This video is so far from the formal interviews or video messages that politicians usually serve up. Which is why it does an excellent job reminding us all that Pauline Hanson may now be Senator Pauline Hanson - but she's still just like us.